MASE stories

'MASE is an extension of my beliefs and vision, to celebrate the beauty around us and most importantly, embraces a subtle beauty from within.  Every MASE print I design has it's own story to tell, it's an artistic expression which can be further enhanced by the customer's own unique interpretation when using my product.  In essence, the process from start to finish echoes a chain reaction; each person in the equation adds an element of their own uniqueness to help make it their own; their own individual artistic expression'.  - Mae Kwan

MASE is a design-led fashion accessories label that specialises in digital-printed clutches and totes.  Each MASE print tells a story, utilising a combination of vibrant colours and abstract forms and patterns. MASE products are designed with the aim of self empowerment and embracing individual expression.

Garden of Eden collection 

Garden of Eden captures the dramatic contrast between a botanical garden and a man-made superstructure, giving a glimpse of what the future may hold. The inspiration for this collection is taken from the pressing environmental issues on our planet earth, highlighting the challenge of achieving harmony and balance between nature and civilisation.

Evelyn mini bag features the collection's monochrome superstructure with abstract floral patterns in the background, creating juxtaposition between the two different forms.  The contrast between structured and organic ives the print a three-dimensional illusion.  The colour purple represents harmony and the yellow signifies joy and happiness.  These two colours were injected into the print in order to demonstrate the beauty and balance of nature.  

Rose tote bag art print is a continuation of the Evelyn art print design.  The floral pattern now becomes explosive, in the midst of fighting for survival and thriving to maintain the natural harmony it once enjoyed.  Pink was chosen for this print to signify the desire for greater equilibrium.

Bowen flat clutch is our first unisex clutch bag.  The art print draws a conclusion for the entire collection which suggests the possibility of achieving the perfect balance between nature and civilisation.  Blue is a healing colour, which in this case represents the healing power of nature.

Reminisce collection

Reminisce captures the colonial architecture in Singapore that characterises the multi-cultural vibrant city.  Inspired by the lavishly decorated shophouses, this series celebrates the architectural elements and colour palettes used in shophouse design which give the bags a retro look.

Florence mini bag has an eye-catching print featuring Art Deco inspired symmetry and boldness. The design explores the order and rhythm in colonial architecture by breaking down specific elements then merging them together again to create a layered effect. The vibrant orange strap is used to highlight the vibrancy that the tropical climate provides.


Eileen tote art print echoes the Florence print by manipulating one of the key features of shophouse design, the covered walkways.  The colour combination of blue and purple helps create a tunnel effect by drawing your attention to the end of the perspective.


Rene print is a modern take on the Art Deco period, celebrating the colonial architectural elements and distinctive motifs.  The use of symmetry and repetition creates a unique pattern which takes inspiration from Art Deco design.  The colour purple adds glamour and sophistication to the print.


Our 2015-16 bestsellers 

The idea for the Illusion print came to me as I was walking down a narrow street one day in Hong Kong. What I was most inspired by, was the dynamic contrast in a confined yet spatially intriguing space as I raised my head and looked up to the sky. The back alley may have seemed uninviting in the first instance, but as I walked through it, I was fascinated by the way the surrounding buildings were framing the view of the sky.

Inspired by 'moments of life frozen in time', the 'Moments' collection reflects captured moments of life experiences. The Reflection print is based on the concept of capturing the 'moment' when time is frozen - keeping calm so that we get a perfect reflection of what reality is. 

The Wonderland silver clutch takes inspiration from a Hindu temple, reflecting the peace and serenity that can be felt through faith. Distinctly symmetrical, the design has a faded feel to it that sets it apart from other MASE prints. Reminiscent of a watercolour or recalling an old temple, it is accented with an ordered pattern of muted pink, purple, turquoise and sky blue, at once uniform and serene.

The Utopia has a cinematic feel to its patterning as it celebrates humble dwellings that convey unity and warmth- the way a home should be. These houses manifest in the vibrant digital print that decorates the bag, brightened by the bold colours and the rich pink handles.