MASE Resort 2017 collection

The Forgotten beauty is a modern romantic series inspired by the appreciation of past remains that may have been forgotten due to our endless desire for something better, something new.  A romanticised interpretation of historic monuments, the Forgotten Beauty collection aims at bringing awareness to over-development and can act as a reminder for the need to preserve the unique characteristics of places.

This fabric tote collection is a continuation of the MASE Resort fabric totes that included one of our signature bags, the Falling Water.  In the celebration of the colonial architecture in Asia, these art prints become mementoes which people can use as reminders of the Forgotten Beauty.

Hua (花) means flower in Mandarin.  This art print features MASE signature floral pattern which is set against a colonial architectural background.  The colour palette for this tote works well with neutral tones such as white, summery pastel tones and denim. 
Mei (美) means beauty in Mandarin, which fits the tote perfectly as the art print celebrates the beauty of the historical monuments, complimented by exotic flowers and greenery.  This print can be matched with all earthy tones and khaki fabric.






Jiyi (記憶) stands for memory in Mandarin.  A floral explosion within a confined space, this print signifies past resistance and acceptance required in order to bring us to where we are today.  This colour palette is perfect for complimenting denim and white tee.  Also works well with cool colour tones such as purple and pink.