Our story

About MASE

MASE is an art-inspired vibrant fashion and lifestyle brand promoting a colourful way of living.  What makes the brand unique is that MASE prints are composed by story telling matched with colour therapeutic methods,  allowing you to be self-expressive and creative with the way you dress and decorate your home.  All MASE products are driven by practicality as well as art that make each item a timeless statement piece.  

To emphasise and develop MASE creative approach to life, MASE is now divided into 3 brand lines: MASE, MASE Resort and MASE Lifestyle.  MASE remains the brand's signature line featuring luxury items such as the MASE cross-body clutch bags. MASE Resort features casual statement pieces that are perfect for daily and holiday adventures. 

The newly established MASE Lifestyle line offers home decor, including art prints and cushion covers, that can harmonise and add personality to interior spaces. Inspired by combining a holistic colour theory approach and Feng Shui philosophy, MASE art prints enrich spatial energy and dynamic.  

An exclusive personal service encapsulating MASE unique creativity can be tailored for clients desiring a bespoke art piece. For more information on MASE personalised art print, interior design and colour scheme consultation services, please contact mae@maselifestyle.com.

In combining these three brand lines, MASE aims to demonstrate the unique design colour interpretation which has symbolised the brand from inception - MASE Colour Therapy.


About the designer

Having graduated in architecture and music in London, Mae Kwan has developed a strong vision of merging art forms to create an artistic language that can fully express her ideas and beliefs.  MASE came to fruition in 2013 when the idea emerged during Mae's meditation in Bali.  A series of art prints were composed soon after the enlightened vacation that has proven to be a new design direction which brings boundless creativity in Mae's work. 

MASE Colour Therapy summarises the designer's vision to create meaningful fashion and lifestyle products that can bring beauty, harmony and joy into your life.

MASE Art World ltd