When casual becomes 'smart'

If we had the freedom to wear whatever we want on a daily basis, most of us would go for casual.  However, casual doesn't necessarily mean you can't look stylishly polished.  I personally love the casual smart look, it's the best way to mix and match clothes and have fun with it.  There are several ways to dress up a causal outfit.  Here are a few examples:

How to dress up denim

There are days when you simply want to put on a T-shirt and a pair of comfy jeans which requires zero effort.  If you wanted to achieve a more polished look, try finishing off with a pair of killer heels and a statement bag.  You would be surprised what a big difference it makes when accessorising a plain outfit with colours - the transition can transform you from shabby to chic.

A pair of high heels and an eye-popping bag can instantly smarten up your look.  Denim goes well with almost everything so it's totally fool-proof!
Don't hold back - There are many pretty patterned shoes on the market right now (think Gucci for luxury).  These statement shoes are best worn with casual attire for a funky chic look

The off-shoulder number

Most of us like wearing lightweight one pieces which requires minimum planning.  Why not going for an off-shoulder number and accessorise with an on-trend choker?  

How to achieve the look: wear your loose fitted off-shoulder top with skinny pants and pointy flats/heels to elongate the legs 

Easy layering

Yup, the layering trick still works especially when mixing long floaty translucent fabric with fitted trousers.  Alternatively, try dressing down a party dress by teaming it with a pair of fitted jeans for a more relaxed outfit.

Try experimenting with textures when wearing monochrome

Bohemian dreams

I've always had a soft spot for the laid-back bohemian look.  There's something very dreamy about the floaty fabrics and effortless feminine silhouette, the bohemian style is perfect for those breezy summer days with a nice cocktail in hand.  That being said, it doesn't mean you can't rock this look when carrying out your daily chores around town.  Try getting a printed kimono for easy layering with t-shirts and jeans, or a maxi dress paired up with a denim jacket or a woolly cardigan to add texture.   

Kimono is a spring/summer must-have item

Accessories your maxi dress with a wide brimmed sun hat for a hot sunny day

Messy hair and loose buns - totally effortless!

The hippie baggy pants are another must-have item in my spring/summer wardrobe.  Not only are these pants comfortable, they are also really easy to style. The best thing about being bohemian is that you can get away with messy hair for the signature bed head look that goes oh-so-well with this effortless style.  To complete the look, try using sea salt hair spray for scrunched up textured waves or simply tie your hair back into a loose bun - remember the key is to keep it effortless!

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