The story behind the Tropical Winter collection

It's been awhile since I last wrote a blog post. Apart from preparing for the recent trade shows and the launch of my new collection, there is an additional new feature we have been working on, which we will announce tomorrow. I simply cannot wait to share the details with you but for now, I will focus on the story behind the newly launched Tropical Winter collection.

'The Tropical Winter collection explores the limitless extent of one's imagination in order to fulfil one's desire. An abstract expression of what winter would look like in a tropical country, this collection embodies eye-catching exotic colour palettes within a nostalgic framework.'

Having lived in Singapore for just over 2 years, my body has slowly climatised despite the absence of seasonal changes. However, as much as I enjoy the tropical climate, I find myself craving the wintery weather more and more. Christmas is not quite the same without the cold and it's during the festive seasons that I miss winter the most.

In order to stop the nostalgia kicking in, I decided to create my own version of winter, a tropical winter. So what does it feel like living in a country without the wintery season? My interpretation is derived from a combination of sentimental yearning and reminiscing. A variety of tropical flowers and foliage was used to create striking organic patterns which were set within a nostalgic framework. Due to our dependency on our vision, the dramatic forms and contrast in this collection were created with the aim of provoking other senses to believe that one is indeed experiencing winter in the tropics. 

Very often I find solace in things I design and produce, song-writing and architecture used to be my creative outlets and now it's MASE. I feel very fortunate to have finally found an artistic expression which I can use to communicate with the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed the story behind my new collection.  Wishing everyone a magical winter this year!




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