The story behind the new MASE Mini

I am super hyped about the MASE mini bag in our latest collection, Reminisce.  Mini bags are great when you need to travel light. There’s something really chic and stylish about carrying a mini statement piece – it’s the ultimate fashion accessory to have in any fashionista’s bag collection. Most importantly, you can shove the mini bag into a carryall when there are errands to run or a fitness class to catch before/after work. Mini bag is no doubt the crème de la crème when it comes to being stylishly practical.

Having used a number of other mini bags for several years, I have come to the following conclusion. Despite the versatility of their usage, the downside of most mini bags is the hassle of having to transfer cards and money from a standard sized wallet to a compact pouch in order for it to fit into a mini. This all sounds pretty straight forward until you start losing your credit and ID cards, not to mention having loose change in every single bag you own.

Story of Florence mini from Maseartworld on Vimeo.

The new MASE Florence mini solves the problem mentioned above.  The provision of the card slots and middle zipped compartment means that the bag can be used as wallet due to its compact size.  I like using my MASE mini as a wallet during the week which I can keep inside my work bag.  On the weekends I use my MASE mini as a slender cross-body by attaching the shoulder strap to it where my phone and make up are also kept.

This video explains the functionality of our new mini bag and also ways of using the detachable shoulder strap. I really had fun making this video, hope you guys will enjoy it.


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