The story behind the Garden of Eden collection

The launch of a new collection involves a lot of preparation work. Since my design approach is a purely concept-driven one, I want to use my blog and Instagram as platforms to take the readers through the design process of each of my collections right from inception to product completion.  Here's the story behind the newly launched 'Garden of Eden' collection.

Garden of Eden : the story behind the collection.

Framing in photography has always been a technique that I like to adopt for my work in order to bring focus to the subject matter.  My art prints always start off with a series of photos taken when I'm out and about scouting for interesting things or moments to capture.  As a result of my architectural background, I'm usually drawn to architectural details especially form and space that are striking and emotionally provoking.  I look for the same quality when I study the natural environment as well as the perfect colour palettes provided by nature.  

Inside out of Le Grand Louvre
The perfect palette

I usually have a good idea as to what the design concept is once I start drafting the art prints on my computer.  There is always a story or a message to convey.  In the case of the Garden of Eden collection, I wanted to highlight the challenging aspect of balancing nature and built form in the hope of raising awareness to the desperate need for having a 'greener' lifestyle.  

The irony: In search for a greener space in a built-environment

I often design an art print three dimensionally, which means I pay attention to creating depth in a two dimensional design. I like to create this effect by layering my photos and drawings which in turn forms an interesting pattern.  Once I get a pattern that I am happy with, I then spend time fine-tuning the colour palette for it.  Garden of Eden has a strong solid theme whereby all of the bags have floral patterns merging within a monochrome framework.  This further enhances the idea of nature and architecture intertwining with one another and with the right balance, we can ensure that the next generation will be able to enjoy the beauty of both nature and man-made forms.

Evelyn mini 
Rose tote

Bowen flat clutch

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