The Power of Red

Red has always been a 'powerful' colour since it is regarded as a colour that signifies power, strength, good fortune, happiness, confidence and many more.  It raises alertness (think about the way you react to a red 'STOP' road sign) and provokes strong emotions.  

It's not surprising that the colour red is a popular colour in many Asian countries such as China, India and Japan where brides are often dressed in red to express eternal happiness and bring good fortune to the marriage.  Red is no doubt the most favourable colour in China - this auspicious colour can be spotted everywhere during Chinese New Year, from home and celebration decorations, to the clothing and accessories that people wear in the first 15 days of the lunar new year.

Go all the way if you dare- red lippy to go with a bright red dress = always a winner.
If red is not your colour, try going for patterns that have red highlights such as this floral wrap top from Topshop. Jeans by J Brand. Shoes by Alexander Wang.
Gold always goes well with red.  These lovely earrings are from the 9th Muse, HK.

Since it's one of the primary colours in the colour wheel, red really stands out amongst all the colours.  When used well, red can add sophistication to a basic outfit, it's a perfect hue for highlighting certain items you are wearing.  If you are looking for an everyday bag for the new year and would like to experiment with a more vibrant colour instead of the neutral tones such as black, grey, beige or brown, why not investing in a red bag which can just be as versatile?

A timeless peace - vintage Versace bucket bag in red

Take inspiration from nature - the perfect palette
Playing with primary colours - it's quite easy to match primary colours.  Red goes well with many colours especially blue, green, yellow to name a few. Denim skirt by ASOS. Nirvana shoulder bag by MASE.

Red is also a great colour to use for decorating your home.  The key is not to over use the colour as it may become over-stimulating.  In Feng Shui study, red represents the 'fire' element and can be used in areas that need an extra boost in that particular year.  For the year of the Rooster, red objects can be placed in the Southeast corner for potential joyful events in the coming year.

My auspicious corner for lunar new year - kissing elephants in copper from India. Wooden box from a flea market. MASE clutch artwork by artist Piratetb. Ginger Lily perfume by Shanghai Tang, leather gloves by Fanny gloves. Metal framed fruit basket from Allure Living Company.

To sum up, red is a colour that brings joy and happiness, it can really boost your confidence and lift up your mood.  What's there not to like about this lucky shade?


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