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I never used to be a big fan of white, mainly due to the impracticality of the colour, or so I thought. White is often used for highlighting features by bringing them 'forward' so that your attention is drawn to them.  This is true in almost all art forms, perhaps due to the fact that it is the most reflective colour in the spectrum and its representation of perfection.  In the colour spectrum, it contains an equal balance of all the colours which makes it the 'perfect' colour whilst containing no hue.  Due to the brightness of the shade, it is often refer to as the positive colour that represents hope - the complete opposite of darkness. In fashion, many people shy away from...

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Style Inspiration: Kirsty Aryee

This month, we are getting some styling inspiration from Kirsty Aryee, an Account Director in the retail payments industry in London.  Her style is fun and versatile, from girl-next-door to urban chic, Kirsty always complete her impeccable look with a heart-warming smile. Interests Long walks, Travel, Hot yoga, PsychologyStyle icon RhiannaFavourite colour Yellow (this colour represents communication, creativity, emotional strength and joy) Describe your style? What inspires you? My style is a mix of classic, colourful elegance including brights, patterns or prints which add excitement! I enjoy wearing the timeless pieces in my wardrobe and mostly go for smart but casual in my day to day. I love oversized shirts and floaty dresses, I could definitely live in these. I am inspired by interesting designs...

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Colour mixing with accessories

Bored of wearing the same outfits all the time?  Do you feel like a makeover is necessary for the new year? Living a colourful life is easier than you think and it doesn’t cost much to do.  With a little tweak here and there, you can transform your wardrobe without having to make much effort. Here are some suggestions as to how to accessorise with shoes, bags and jewellery in order to update your wardrobe for the new year. When wearing black Just because you like wearing black doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with colours.  In fact, black provides a great canvas for colourful statement pieces to ‘pop’.  Let’s start with the choice of shoes – apart from choosing...

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