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Style Inspiration: Jessica Findley

What makes someone stylish?  Being on trend seems to be the obvious answer, but those who truly master an individual style are the ones who feel comfortable and confident in what they wear.  Instead of following the latest fashion trends, a stylish individual dares to break the rules as well as complying with those that serve him/her well.  A multi-talented creative artist and free spirit at heart, Jessica Findley is one of the those stylish people who knows how to express themselves through fashion. Location: San Diego & the worldProfession: artist / designer, animator / illustrator / design professorInterests: Surfing cruisey waves, eating a delicious meal with friends, making music, listening to audiobooks, social and environmental justiceFavourite colour:  Today - turquoiseStyle...

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Style Inspiration: Kirsty Aryee

This month, we are getting some styling inspiration from Kirsty Aryee, an Account Director in the retail payments industry in London.  Her style is fun and versatile, from girl-next-door to urban chic, Kirsty always complete her impeccable look with a heart-warming smile. Interests Long walks, Travel, Hot yoga, PsychologyStyle icon RhiannaFavourite colour Yellow (this colour represents communication, creativity, emotional strength and joy) Describe your style? What inspires you? My style is a mix of classic, colourful elegance including brights, patterns or prints which add excitement! I enjoy wearing the timeless pieces in my wardrobe and mostly go for smart but casual in my day to day. I love oversized shirts and floaty dresses, I could definitely live in these. I am inspired by interesting designs...

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Style Inspiration: Thierry Chow

We are starting the year of the Rooster by getting some styling insights from Feng Shui apprentice Thierry Chow, the daughter of the renowned Feng Shui master Chow Hon Ming.  Thierry's distinctive style oozes confidence, a unique expression which highlights her artistic background and desire to build a contemporary Feng Shui inspired design business, TRE. Pink shirt and jacket by one by two (Korean brand) Describe your style? What inspires you?My style is pretty free. I’m very observant and I tend to get inspired by things that catch my eye. It could be shapes, people, colours, buildings, anything you can name can be inspirational. Where do you shop? How do you form your seasonal wardrobe?I shop at the most random places.  I enjoy a good hunt...

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