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The Power of Red

Red has always been a 'powerful' colour since it is regarded as a colour that signifies power, strength, good fortune, happiness, confidence and many more.  It raises alertness (think about the way you react to a red 'STOP' road sign) and provokes strong emotions.   It's not surprising that the colour red is a popular colour in many Asian countries such as China, India and Japan where brides are often dressed in red to express eternal happiness and bring good fortune to the marriage.  Red is no doubt the most favourable colour in China - this auspicious colour can be spotted everywhere during Chinese New Year, from home and celebration decorations, to the clothing and accessories that people wear in...

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Style Inspiration: Thierry Chow

We are starting the year of the Rooster by getting some styling insights from Feng Shui apprentice Thierry Chow, the daughter of the renowned Feng Shui master Chow Hon Ming.  Thierry's distinctive style oozes confidence, a unique expression which highlights her artistic background and desire to build a contemporary Feng Shui inspired design business, TRE. Pink shirt and jacket by one by two (Korean brand) Describe your style? What inspires you?My style is pretty free. I’m very observant and I tend to get inspired by things that catch my eye. It could be shapes, people, colours, buildings, anything you can name can be inspirational. Where do you shop? How do you form your seasonal wardrobe?I shop at the most random places.  I enjoy a good hunt...

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