Style Inspiration: Thierry Chow

We are starting the year of the Rooster by getting some styling insights from Feng Shui apprentice Thierry Chow, the daughter of the renowned Feng Shui master Chow Hon Ming.  Thierry's distinctive style oozes confidence, a unique expression which highlights her artistic background and desire to build a contemporary Feng Shui inspired design business, TRE.

Pink shirt and jacket by one by two (Korean brand)

Describe your style? What inspires you?
My style is pretty free. I’m very observant and I tend to get inspired by things that catch my eye. It could be shapes, people, colours, buildings, anything you can name can be inspirational.

Where do you shop? How do you form your seasonal wardrobe?
I shop at the most random places.  I enjoy a good hunt and that could be anywhere. However, I like going to vintage shops when I travel to Japan and Canada, I always find something that I love! I also have a great sense of what will be trendy for the coming season so I start looking for the items quite early on.

Shoes custom handmade in Hong Kong. Pants by Tarot (Korean brand)

How do you decide what to wear on a daily basis? Do you plan your outfit on the day or the night before?
I usually go with how I feel that day and pick out my outfit accordingly.  If I have time the night before I will try different outfits on to see which pieces go best together.

How is fashion related to what you do/your job?
I actually wanted to be a fashion designer when i was young.  I have a huge passion for fashion but I didn’t pursue it. In the end I graduated with Bachelors of Illustrations and started studying Feng Shui under my father.  Consequently, I decided to integrate art and fashion into Feng Shui by teaching people what colours and patterns to wear with a feng shui perspective.  It is all about finding the balance  by using colours, shapes, patterns. 

What have been your favourite pieces for AW16? 
I love everything about Jacquemus AW16 and Delpozo!

Jacket by Mo & Co. Skirt by Zara. Cross body clutch by MASE

Any advice on what colours to wear for the year of the rooster?
For the year of the rooster, bright pink and green will be great colours to wear plus they are going to be the trendy colours for 2017! 

Finally, how do you think colours can benefit one's life in a Feng Shui aspect?
I think it's important to wear colours because colour is part of our lives.  It makes us more human since it makes us feel...... and to be able to feel is an ability one must have to be aware of one's surroundings.

For more information on Thierry's work, check out her Facebook page, Instagram feed and website. 
Instagram: @thierrygolucky

Photos (pink outfit) by Pheobe Yeung. Photo (black and white outfit) by Peter Yuill

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