Style Inspiration: Kirsty Aryee

This month, we are getting some styling inspiration from Kirsty Aryee, an Account Director in the retail payments industry in London.  Her style is fun and versatile, from girl-next-door to urban chic, Kirsty always complete her impeccable look with a heart-warming smile.

Interests Long walks, Travel, Hot yoga, Psychology
Style icon Rhianna
Favourite colour Yellow (this colour represents communication, creativity, emotional strength and joy)

Describe your style? What inspires you?

My style is a mix of classic, colourful elegance including brights, patterns or prints which add excitement! I enjoy wearing the timeless pieces in my wardrobe and mostly go for smart but casual in my day to day. I love oversized shirts and floaty dresses, I could definitely live in these. I am inspired by interesting designs and love the patterns on West African cloth and Aztec prints.

Black jumper and skirt from H&M;  yellow backpack from Zara

Where do you shop? How do you form your seasonal wardrobe?
I mostly shop at Zara, & other stories and H&M - these tend to be my go-to high street shops and rarely can I walk out of these shops empty handed! I also love COS, brilliant for work wear with lots of clean sharp lines and scandi looks. Acne is another fave for their gorgeous knits which I am grateful for in the winter months. Some of my favourite clothes are actually from vintage shops or independent brands which I have stumbled upon whilst on holiday.

My seasonal wardrobe tends to be colour based - starting bright, lots of yellow and light for the early spring, gradually moving to more neutrals, blacks and greys for winter with some added sparkles and glitter near the festive period. My seasonal wardrobe is reflective of my mood at the different times of the year.

How do you decide what to wear on a daily basis? 
I tend to decide on the day, again it is very dependent on how I feel. If the day is bright and sunny I feel energised and tend to show this through my outfit choices. I always go for comfort, as I work from home a lot I don’t often plan my outfits but I do make an effort to get dressed and ensure I am in the right mindset, ready for the day ahead. Plus you never know who will knock on your door!

Leather jacket from Acne; mustard yellow jumper and dress from H&M; Yves Saint Laurent handbag

How is fashion related to what you do/your job?
On the surface it does seem that fashion is not really related to my job. I work in the financial sector specialising in the payments industry where I manage a portfolio of fashion retailers. Whilst the latest trends/looks of the season may not be key topics of conversations with my customers, I feel fashion and how I dress to meet my customers holds a significant part in my role. I feel it is very important to be able to connect with my customers not only the operational side of their business but taking a personal interest in their industry which I convey through how I dress when attending meetings as I believe this shows I am fully engaged in their sector.

Blue jumper from H&M; white shirt from &other stories; culottes from COS;  
MASE Utopia bag

Would you say you have fun with the way you dress or is it just a necessity?
I enjoy having fun with how I dress, - what’s the point of buying all these lovely clothes if you can’t show them off! I don’t go too wild with my outfit choices and there is always an element of control.

You seem very comfortable with wearing bright colours. What advice would you have on incorporating bright colours in the key pieces for Spring/Summer 2017?
I think the ease of wearing bright colours is not for everyone, some people do feel very conscious when wearing colours. My number one tip is to be comfortable and confident when wearing colours, I believe colour looks good on everyone providing you know what suits you and how to wear it. I find the best and easiest way to incorporate colour is through accessories; bags, scarfs, hats and even jewellery.

I like to choose either one bold item to wear and work around that, or be very neutral in my clothing choice and carry a multi-coloured bag or wear some colourful jewellery. This Spring/Summer there will be a lot of exciting colour to play with including neons which can be trickier to wear, I would say anyone wanting to experiment with bright neon choices these colours always look great on bags. I always find when in doubt or unsure, it always works when pairing complementary colours, I love pairing blues with oranges, yellows and reds.

Photos by Hugo White



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