Style Inspiration: Karyn Aurelia Suwito

Location: Singapore, California and Jakarta  

Profession: Community manager at a coworking office

Interests: Social enterprise, community development,

Favourite colour: Anything pastel

Style icon: Influencer Nicole Warne @garrypepprgirl

Describe your style?
I like things that are unique and comfortable and always with a bit of femininity. I love understated style- it’s all in the details and how comfortable you can be while pulling it off.

What inspires you?
Strong women.  Innovation.

Where do you shop and how often?
I am an online shopping addict.  There are a few brands I frequently shop at such as Club Monaco, Reformation and J Crew for basic seasonal items.  Since I’m quite active, I tend to look for versatile activewear such as Kit and Ace or Alo Yoga since their stuff can be worn out or to the gym.  For unique pieces I try to shop locally in Singapore.  My personal favourites are Matter and IGC. 

How is fashion related to what you do/your profession?
I always think about ease of movement because my job requires me meeting clients but also working with children.  I always have to look presentable.  I try to avoid tight clothing when I can since comfort is key for my choice of clothing.  Also, I make an effort to make sure that all my clothing has pockets as my hands are usually pretty full when looking after the littlies!

What’s your all-time favourite fashion item?
I like jewellery because you can dress up an outfit without having to make too much effort.  It's the same reason why I like using statement bags to dress up an evening look. I like using MASE bags due to their colourful prints and attention to detail.  Alot of the jewellery I wear day to day tends to be quite dainty and delicate which means there's room for a louder arm candy.  I like wearing my best friend Alison's creations (Eclat by Alison Yuen) since her pieces are so versatile and easy to wear.  I also like wearing scarves hence, I have so many of them!  Again, you can change the whole outfit by just adding a scarf so it's definitely something I use for accessorising on a daily basis.

Ring by Eclat by Alison Yuen and clutch by MASE

We are seeing a lot of bright colours in this summer’s fashion forecast.  How are you embracing this trend for your summer wardrobe?
Even though pastels are my favourite, I am very conscious of adding colour to my wardrobe.  I try not to buy so much black and white, i love reds, yellows and blues — i guess the primary colors in full force.

Do you think growing up in California has influenced your fashion style?
Absolutely.  The laid back style comes from there.  It's a very comfortable summer dress, beach and outdoor-wear sort of style - it's what they call “outdoor chic”.  One thing I miss about seasons is layering - I love my scarves and spring sweaters.

If there is someone you could get styling advice from, who would it be and why?
Funny enough, I feel like everyday before I walk out the door, I need to get my mum's opinion on what I'm wearing!  I trust my mum’s judgement even though she is more classic and conservative.  I appreciate her input.  Basically you can’t go wrong with family members because they tell the truth. Maybe not so much on the styling advice, just whether or not the outfit is a go!


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