Style Inspiration: Anka Hui

Being a mother isn't easy. Very often mothers struggle to spend time on themselves since most of their time is spent caring and looking after the family. I'm a true believer that women are born to multi-task, Anka Hui is one of them. This month, we are getting some useful styling tips for those who seek comfort in their daily attire from the effortlessly sassy mama.

Location: Arizona, U.S.
Profession: Full time nanny, stylist, chef, domestic slave and more AKA MOMMY
Interests: Cooking, Photography, Arts
Favourite colour: Red
Style icon: Audrey Hepburn

Describe your style?
I have a pretty mixed style depending on the day, but my personal go to is Modern with a Boho twist and something functional yet comfortable.

What’s your must-have fashion item and why?
Jeans! Denims are everything. I have managed to work jeans into every kind of occasion. Jeans can be incorporated into professional or casual style; easy to mix and match; fun and comfortable to wear and figure-flattering. I also love colorful, bold statement accessories (i.e. jewellery , bags). Since I wear mainly simple basic clothing, my statement pieces are essential to adding my personal style to make my outfits my own.

Where do you shop and how often?
Being a mom, I only have so much free time to myself so I usually shop online. For my day to day clothes, I get them from Zara, Topshop, H&M, ASOS, J Crew & COS. Occasionally I like to hunt for more unique pieces from vintage shops and resellers.

Your daughter Kira is adorable. Do you ever coordinate with what she wears?
Believe it or not, she has been picking out her own outfits almost everyday for months now (since she was 2). I have no control over what she wears, and she definitely wears what she wants for sure. A little while ago, she was all about mixing and clashing patterns and colours, lately she is all about matching colours and patterns. The struggle is real but it is kind of fun to watch a toddler style themselves everyday. I do however, see that she tends to pick up my style (i.e. she loves stripes and she loves her denim) so we do often end up looking like we have coordinated in what we wear.

How has your style changed since you became a mother?Before I became a mother I had a more creative professional style for sure, Motherhood has definitely led me to a more functional and comfortable style. I noticed my wardrobe became more “kid-friendly”, from the softness and texture of the fabric to the cuts of the clothes.  
I caught myself becoming more consciously selective since my daughter has ezcema; I've stopped wearing certain fabrics in case it would irritate her skin. I also definitely wear less jewellery now since it's very “yankable”, have gotten quite a few of my necklaces snapped off by my daughter!

Do you follow fashion trends?  Where from?  Social Media / fashion mags / fashion shows?
I try to stay in tune and find style inspirations that are “mom friendly” and that suit my style, usually from social media (i.e. blogs, instagrams, websites etc.).

If there is someone you could get styling advice from, who would it be and why?
Olivia Palermo. She always looks so sleek, impeccably stylish and put together all the time. I love her feminine yet not too girly style.

All the lovely photos were taken by Jason Findley, a talented photographer based in Arizona, United States.  For more info check out his work here.

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