Stay golden

I have always loved all things metallic.  A lot of people have mentioned to me that they find it hard to wear metallics as they tend to make the outfit look too dressy.  However, there are ways of ‘dressing down’ a metallic combo, that is, with the right contrasting textures and colours. 

Gold theme – Metallic jumper (Korean brand), a trusty pair of ripped jeans  (J brand), wardrobe staple leather bike jacket, super gold loafers (J Crew), matte gold backpack (Converse) and this season’s MASE Florence mini bag.

 For Autumn/Winter season, gold is the easiest metallic choice since it goes well with the favourite winter colours which have a warmer tone.  I like going for the casual smart look when styling with gold.  My J Crew loafers are my all-time favourite, they pretty much go well with everything I wear.  I think it’s important to have at least one pair of metallic shoes so that you know there is always something to fall back on if you are stuck with matching an outfit with your existing shoe collection. Gold goes well with warmer tones such as orange, purple, green to name a few.

For a fun evening look , add some gold and sparkly eye shadows but make sure you apply most of the golden colour to the centre of your eye lids with a bit of shading at the outer corners to create depth.  My personal favourite is the the MAC gold pigment in powder form.

Gold is also a great colour to use for styling your home.  It adds a focal interest to your home decor arrangement by offering a reflective texture which looks amazing when placed near a light source.

Artwork by Hong Kong artist Gigi Tang, mug with gold handle (Naiise) and Jo Malone perfume.

Hope this post will help you explore different ways of adding gold to your daily outfits and home decor. Stay golden everyone!

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