Interchangeable straps : Versatility at its best!

For those who have been following my blog, you would know that I had been busy planning the launch of a new feature, the Interchangeable straps. This had been highly requested by our customers who love the colours and vibrancy that are incorporated into our MASE prints. It therefore seemed fitting to bring out a selection of bold coloured straps which fully capture the essence of our brand.

When I design any handbag, I always focus on the practicality and versatility of the product. When it comes to fashion, I like to have options and for me, fashion is about experimentation and self-expression. The MASE interchangeable straps give our customers an opportunity to mix and match them with their MASE or any other bags, depending on the colour combination they want to go for. Since these leather straps are all duo-toned, it means there are always 2 colour options that a MASE strap can offer. Ultimately I want to provide options for our customers so that they can find the most suitable way to express themselves with our bags.  

On my most recent one-day work trip to Hong Kong, I decided to bring my carry-on luggage since I didn't want to carry a heavy shoulder bag from 7am till midnight. With work and family commitments in both Singapore and Hong Kong, my schedule required me to leave home first thing in the morning, then go straight to an afternoon meeting as soon as I landed in order to catch a late flight back to Singapore later that day. Although the meeting was held close to the airport express, I figured a hand luggage with wheels would make the task a lot more achievable. Here's what I packed on the day:

My travel must-haves: My organiser, a good book, my Beats headphones, some healthy snacks, perfume for freshening up after the flight and most importantly, my Tropical Winter classic leather clutch.
Interchangeable strap options all rolled up in my carry-on
Using one of my interchangeable straps once checked-in at the airport. My MASE classic clutch holds all my travel documents as well as my phone and make up.
My Tropical Winter classic clutch with Bold interchangeable strap in purple
This clutch also works well with Modern interchangeable strap in green (as shown in photo) and Classic interchangeable strap in green or magenta.

What's great about our interchangeable straps is that they can be used for almost any handbag.  It's a fun way to experiment with style and colours within a reasonable budget. We hope this new feature will provide the  practicality and versatility that you've been looking for in fashion accessories.

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