How to mix patterns

This guide is for those crazy days when you want to go one step further with styling your ensemble.  Although it can feel intimidating when you begin mixing patterns, once you get the hang of it, it's as easy as colour blocking your outfits.  Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started.

Use one common colour

The easiest way to play around with your patterned clothing is to use a common colour that can hold the outfit together.  Here I'm using a blue top which matches both my clutch bag and skirt.  By doing so, I'm also breaking up the patterns so it looks less busy.


Let the colours guide you

The key is not to try matching the patterns but the colours.  Here I'm pairing up a summer dress with my Amelia clutch which matches the base colour of the dress.


Use base colour to unify the look

For the Bowen folio, I like matching it with my kimono which has a very similar colour palette. These two items have the same base colour which is black so in order to tone down the look a little, I chose a simple black tee paired up with fitted denim jeans.  


Mixing with classic prints

As mentioned in the previous blog post 'Get Purified', classic prints such as gingham are perfect for mixing patterns.  The checkered pattern goes well with almost everything, plus it comes in a wide range of colours on a white background which means you can use it to complement any prints that shares the same shade.


Mixing with stripes

Just like checks, stripes are considered as one of the basic patterns for mix-matching prints.  You can't really go wrong with it, especially if you use the colour of the stripes to complement other prints.


Use denim to tone down the look

I love denim, it's my go-to item due to its versatility, not to mention the comfort it provides and the endless options available on the market.  When matching prints that are loud and flamboyant, opt for denim to give the outfit a breather so your look doesn't appear too busy.  


Hope the guidelines above will help you get started on the pattern mixing game.  Remember to always choose items that you feel comfortable wearing as self confidence really is the key ingredient for looking stylish. 

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