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I never used to be a big fan of white, mainly due to the impracticality of the colour, or so I thought.

White is often used for highlighting features by bringing them 'forward' so that your attention is drawn to them.  This is true in almost all art forms, perhaps due to the fact that it is the most reflective colour in the spectrum and its representation of perfection.  In the colour spectrum, it contains an equal balance of all the colours which makes it the 'perfect' colour whilst containing no hue.  Due to the brightness of the shade, it is often refer to as the positive colour that represents hope - the complete opposite of darkness.

In fashion, many people shy away from this eye-pleasing colour due to the common knowledge of its ability to make things appear larger, more forward and bigger.  Hence we tend to think it's more flattering to wear black, which is perceived as a colour that can make us look smaller, slimmer and thinner.  Although the latter is true, there are various ways of wearing white for it to become an essential basic colour to have in your wardrobe.

White bottoms

White skinny jeans and tailored trousers look great on people who are blessed with long legs.  For the majority of us, a pair of white wide leg trousers can be a safer option especially when wearing it with high heels or platform shoes to create the illusion of longer legs.  For tight fitted trousers, similar effect can be achieved by wearing pointy shoes which tend to make the pins look longer and slimmer.

Choose a fitted top when wearing wide leg trousers to show off your waist line.  Colour-wise, pastel colours go really well with white, perfect for the summer.
Another new favourite of mine is this white midi-skirt in perforated fabric.  I like to dress it down with sneakers for a casual day time look.
Keep it versatile - a midi skirt can be worn with flats for a day time look or with heels for more formal occasions.

White shirt

Nothing can beat this classic look - your favourite white shirt and denim jeans.  Apart from being an absolute fool-proof combo, this look also gives you plenty of room to play around with your statement accessories.  

Let it shine - white clothing provides a great canvas for colourful statement accessories. 

White dress

People often emphasise the importance of owning the perfect black dress which can be worn in many different occasions.  However, a white dress is probably better suited for spring summer and is one of the most versatile staples to have for a summer wardrobe.

Opt for a V neckline dress for a more flattering look.  It helps elongate your body by creating a leaner silhouette.   Pair it up with a pair of sandals or ballet flats and you are good to go!

Gingham style - wearing white in a pattern

This classic print is great for mixing patterns.  The checkered pattern goes well with almost everything, plus it comes in a wide range of colours on a white background.  My personal favourite is this black and white gingham style mini skirt which again, provides a great canvas for my statement bags.

Be on trend by using gingham fabric when mixing your patterns.

White shoes

Another hot fashion trend this season is the back-to-basics white sneakers.  For those who want to keep their shoes looking pristinely white, try going for a rubber material that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Pale blue jeans + white shoes 

White nails

White is my nail colour obsession for spring summer 2017.  It goes well with every single colour I wear plus it looks great against tanned skin.

Hope you will find my styling tips useful.  Have fun wearing white this summer!

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