Compact efficiency: The story of MASE mini

We frequently receive good reviews for our signature mini bags due to their spacious yet compact size; fashionable wide strap that rests comfortably on the shoulder; and most notably their distinctive prints. Having said that, we also receive queries regarding the practicality of the bags, as they seem smaller than the regular mini/clutch bags. I would therefore like to dedicate this post to our signature bag in order to provide an overview as to why the MASE mini is your perfect daily accessory.

Initial Inspiration?

When designing the mini bag, I knew exactly what my criteria were going to be. Apart from fulfilling the standard requirement of providing sufficient space for my iPhone, cash, credit cards and house keys, I also wanted to use the mini as a wallet when I needed a bigger bag. One of the things which used to frustrate me about mini bags, was the need for transferring my cash and credit cards from a standard size wallet to a small pouch or wallet every time I wanted to downsize.  As much as I loved the mini bag trend, I often found the bags merely good for accessorising but in the practical sense - they simply did not serve me as a handbag.  

In order to honour the trend with a more practical approach which suited the modern day urbanites, I decided to design a mini bag that would fulfil all of the above without compromising design and quality.

MASE mini product info and how I use it

MASE mini has 3 main internal compartments - The central compartment is a secure zipper pocket which stores cash and valuable items. There is an additional side zipper pocket which I often use for small beauty items such as lip balm, rollerball perfume and concealer. On the other side of the interior, there are three card slots which I use for my bank and credit cards.  Finally, an additional external pocket means that I can keep my travel card handy when I'm on the move.

I like to store my iPhone in one of the outer compartments and my house keys in the other so that my phone doesn't get scratched. These are all the essentials I need when I'm out and about so this mini bag is with me at all times. When I need to travel with a bigger bag such as a tote or work bag, I simply detach the shoulder strap and use my MASE mini as a wallet.  

How to accessorise with a MASE mini

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, the easiest way to match a MASE bag with your outfit is to use one or all of the colours in the print to determine the colour combo of your outfit. The fool-proof option is to use it as a statement piece for a minimalist outfit either in all black or white, depending on the base colour of the print. Furthermore, the duo-tone strap provides the option of using black when you want to go for a more understated look. 

Why using a MASE mini?

Most of the customers' feedback points towards the versatility of the bag design. It is a popular choice amongst the fashion-conscious mamas and jetsetters who like to travel light. As a mother myself, I like to keep my hands free when I'm on child duty. The MASE mini is light to carry yet holds all of my daily essentials so I know I can give all of my attention to my child without having to worry about misplacing my handbag. For the jetsetters and holiday-goers, the MASE mini is their go-to item due to its compact size and most importantly, the bag is big enough to store your passport as you never know when it comes in handy during your travels.  

To sum up, I would like to repost the Florence mini promo video and the following quote for inspiration.

'Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.'
- Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Till then,


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